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It is very likely that you have already started researching what is needed to start your own private line of certified organic, natural, and conventional skin care products. You may have already realized that this process can be very complex.

Spa De Soleil is committed to simplify the complex process by bringing together all the necessary components according to your vision.

The Consultation

As part of the product development process, we first arrange a consultation with our project officials. You may have this meeting either in person or via the telephone.

This meeting will consider items such as the project, the brand, the available timeframe, your vision and goals, and most importantly, your available budget. We aim to be sure that we have a clear idea about what you desire for both your business and your customers. By so doing, we will be in the best position to provide assistance that will contribute to your meeting your expectations. Your first consultation will be at no charge to you.

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The Products

By considering your goals and your financial outlay, we will assist you in deciding on suitable skin care products. We also suggest that you test our in-house products. You can do so by scheduling a showroom visit or by requesting a special sample order.

If we do not offer your desired products, we are able to create them based on your criteria. Our catalogue provides a list of the products that we offer and you may order samples online.


The Formulation

Spa de Soleil offers custom formulations. Thanks to our ongoing research and development, we can offer you custom-formulated products that use your innovations and ideas. You can formulate new products, improve and reformulate existing products, or create competitive products.

To better understand your company and objectives, we ask you to share your ideas and concepts for the products you wish to create, along with basic contact information.


The Packaging

We provide a wide assortment of high quality, eco-friendly packaging. These include jars, bottles, pumps, closures, or if you desire something unique, we will be able to produce that for you.

Our many packaging solutions are available for viewing. We will offer you the most suitable packaging solution that fits your available finances and your brand.


The Labeling

A fundamental part of your product's success is hinged on the labeling solution you decide. We provide a variety of solutions based on the packaging and on the stipulated budget. We also provide an efficient printing service suitable for small test runs and market testing.

We also provide a more extensive, large-scale printing service. These services include pad printing, screen-printing, digital press labels, and flex press printing, which is used for high quality smudge-proof and waterproof labels.

Our highly trained project experts will assess your goals and compile your project's financial estimates.