EZ Run

Product selection is from our in-house private-label collection. You choose the packaging from our in-house packaging options- or supply your own packaging. A sample of this packaging will be required prior to fill.

Purchase a minimum of 24 pieces per SKU (any retail SKU you choose and as many as you like).

How to Start

  1. Register for a Spa De Soleil account.
  2. Select from our wide variety of products - choose your packaging options from the existing packaging selection on right.
  3. After selection is complete, please email us at info@spadesoleil.com.
  4. If you need help to print your sticker label, please follow the instructions below.
  5. Email a camera-ready logo to info@spadesoleil.com
  6. After making your product and packaging selections and submitting your logo, we'll send you a cost proposal for review. If proposal is acceptable, contact our accounting department at accounting@spadesoleil.com to make payment arrangements.
  7. We will process your order and email you a sample layout of your label within five business days. You will get one paper proof to make minor changes
  8. We will make the revisions and send the final paper proof for approval. Make sure to sign and date the approval form and submit it to info@spadesoleil.com or fax to 818-504-3202.
  9. When placing your purchase order, a 50% deposit is required to begin production (sticker label fees must be paid prior to printing). An estimate for completion of labels and your order will be given at this time.
  10. The final invoice with adjustments must be paid prior to shipping.

Packaging Type

Contact Spa De Soleil for additional packaging types.



Spa De Soleil Private Label Amber Packaging Type

Powder (White)

Spa De Soleil Private Label Powder Packaging Type

Camera Ready Logo & Artwork

Camera Ready Logo and artwork must be provided by client.

Learn more about Spa De Soleil Design services.

If you have a camera ready logo, typesetting and artwork, please email design@spadesoleil.com.

Typesetting Fee

  • $100 per label

Sticker Label Fee

200 labels per SKU**

  • 1 to 2-color label: $50 (per SKU/per label)
  • 3-color label: $75 (per SKU/per label)
  • 4-color label: $100 (per SKU/per label)
  • Machine Setup: $25 per label

**Note: Sticker Labels are standard sizes only.
White/Semi-Gloss or Clear label with standard color print.
(No foil, no custom colors and no wrap around labels available at below pricing)
You may need front, back, or additional labels according to the information on your package
For Custom Label pricing please call for a quote.


Spa De Soleil Certified Organic Compliant

To have the "USDA Certified Organic" seal under your label, there is a certification-processing fee. Please call for details.