Our EZ RUN program is designed for customers who would like to start developing their branded line on a smaller scale. With minimums as low as 24 pieces per SKU, starting your own brand is a simple and affordable process!

How to Start

  1. Choose from the 100's of in-house personal care products we offer.
  2. Select Packaging styles from our In-House EZ RUN collection.
  3. Select a Label style from our In-House label options.
  4. Choose your brand packaging Design from a number of our In-House templates.
  5. Have your camera-ready Logo available to send to our designers.

Submit your order form and artwork to info@spadesoleil.com. Your project manager will contact you to review and confirm your order.

Download an Order Form here.

Contact info@spadesoleil.com for price list and design templates.


Camera Ready Logo & Artwork

Camera Ready Logo and artwork must be provided by client.

Learn more about Spa De Soleil Design services.

If you have a camera ready logo, typesetting and artwork, please email design@spadesoleil.com.


Spa De Soleil Certified Organic Compliant

To have the "USDA Certified Organic" seal under your label, there is a certification-processing fee. Please call for details.

Packaging Type

Contact Spa De Soleil for additional packaging types.



Spa De Soleil Private Label Amber Packaging Type

Powder (White)

Spa De Soleil Private Label Powder Packaging Type