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Frequently Asked Questions


I have my own design team. Can I use my design team for the design portion of my EZ RUN order?

Yes. If you have your own design team, upon your choice of packaging, we will send you the label dieline. Contact your Project Manager to review artwork requirements and submit camera-ready artwork.

What is the lead-time on the EZ RUN program?
EZ RUN lead-time is usually 2 weeks upon approval of your artwork and receipt of your deposit.
What type of In-house labels do you offer for the EZ RUN program?
We offer white or clear (acetate) stock labels for our EZ RUN program. Stock labels are not guaranteed waterproof or environment proof. Specialty and other label types are quoted separately.
What type of packaging do you offer for the EZ RUN program?
We offer powder white or amber packaging for our EZ RUN program.
How do I get templates for my EZ RUN label?
Download the template from the resource downloads or send a template request to along with your order form
What are your short run minimums?
Our short runs start at 24 piece minimums per SKU and go up to 300 pieces per SKU. Any orders over 300 pieces per SKU will be custom quoted.
Do you do short runs?
Yes, our EZ RUN program allows you to private label products at low minimums.


Can you provide silk-screening for my packaging?
Yes. Silk-screening minimums on jars or bottles start at 3000 pieces per SKU and dependent on packaging type.
Can I purchase your products without private labeling them?
Yes, Please see a list of our products available for purchase at retail size, here.
Do you have branded products?
To view and purchase our branded products, please visit Home Spa Collection
I am interested in having my branded products registered under FDA. Can you help me with this process?
If your product falls under the cosmetic category, there is no need for FDA filing. If your branded product qualifies as OTC (Over The Counter), than FDA registration is applicable.
We can assist you in this process. Please check with your project manager for more information.
Can I order samples?
Yes, please complete our Sample Request form.


I am concerned about regulatory compliance. Can you help me with this?
If you need regulatory services, Spa de Soleil’s expert team specializes in national and international laws and regulations for the beauty-care industry.
I am interested in developing a USDA Certified Organic formula. Can you do this?
Yes. With a wide range of USDA Certified Organic products, we are equipped to develop CO products for you and guide you along the regulatory process.
What are CCOF's Organic Labeling Guidelines?
Download/View CCOF Organic Labeling Guidelines
What are the fees for custom solutions services?
As our custom solutions services will be tailored to you needs, your project manager will provide an initial quote upon reviewing your project requirements.
Can I use your In-house formulations but customize my packaging and/or design?
Of course! You may use any of our in-house formulations and work with our team to customize your brand packaging and/or design.
What is the lead-time on Custom Formulation?
Our team will work with you to ensure that your formula meets your expectation. Custom formulation may average 3 – 6 months, depending on the specifications and requirements of the project.
I have a formula that I would like to use for my branded line. Can you manufacture and fill it at your facility?
I have a formula that I would like for you to further develop. Can you do this?
Yes, we are happy to help our customers take their existing formulas to the next level. We work with you under a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure that you feel safe sharing your formula with us.
I am interested in custom formulation, where do I start?
Fill out our New Customer Questionnaire and one of our project managers will contact you to further discuss your custom formulation needs. You may also contact us at
I am interested in private labeling quantities that are above 300 but below 3,000 pieces per SKU. What will be my price?
Any orders over 300 and under 3,000 pieces per SKU will be custom quoted.
What are your shipping terms?
Our shipping terms are FOB – Sun Valley. Shipping is not included on any orders.
What are your payment terms?
We require a 50% deposit upon receipt of your PO.
What is the lead-time on Custom Solutions Production?
Depending on the size of your order, custom production usually ranges from 8-12 weeks from the date of issued PO and receipt of deposit.
What are the minimums for custom manufacturing?
Custom manufacturing start at minimums of 3,000 pieces per SKU, depending on the packaging.
What are the minimums for custom formulation?
There are no minimums for custom formulations. We can work on developing one or more formulas at a time.