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Hand, Foot, & Body Creams

  1. Revitaglyco Moisturizer Body Treatment


    Revitalizing Glycolic Body Moisturizer with glycolic acid is a unique formula that helps retain natural moisture while rejuvenating, soothing and smoothing the skin.

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  2. Glyco Body Lotion 10%


    Glyco Body Lotion 10% is a unique formula specially designed to exfoliate dead cells, rejuvenate skin, and stimulate renewal, while nourishing the skin to perfection. Infused with Glycolic Acid, this lotion works to help smooth, refine, and tone skin. Daily use of Glyco Body Lotion will help improve the look and feel of your skin for a more youthful appearance.

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  3. Sea Algae Body Lotion


    Sea-Algae Body Lotion is specially designed to help promote natural skin moisture. The rich mineral and marine exacts have a calming, relaxing and nourishing effect on the skin. pH balanced.

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  4. Glycosilk Hand & Foot Cream 10%


    Glycosilk Hand & Foot Cream 10% is enriched with a powerhouse of ingredients including Glycolic Acid, Certified Organic Botanical Extracts, and Squalene Oil to help "peel" away the aging layer of dead skin cells, while replenishing skin with essential nutrients. Daily use will help fade age spots, minimize wrinkles, moisturize, and restore skin's natural glow for a fresh look and appearance.

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